Phoenix Dispensary

Phoenix, AZ

Our Phoenix location is our first and flagship medical marijuana dispensary. This dispensary offers high quality flower served in a “Deli Style” fashion, we carry the largest selection of MMJ flowers, edibles, and concentrate in Arizona.

Fountain Hills Dispensary

Fountain Hills, AZ

Our Fountain Hills location focuses on a boutique cannabis store experience. This medical marijuana dispensary, near Scottsdale, has a great selection of some of the best and most unique MMJ flowers, edibles, and concentrates in Arizona.

State College, PA

Our State College location is the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Conveniently located next to Penn State University, this store has some of the highest quality, low-priced concentrates in Pennsylvania. 

Ellicott City Dispensary

Ellicott City, MD

Our Ellicott City medical marijuana dispensary offers high quality flower served in a “Deli Style” fashion with no need to worry about pre-packed weight restrictions, experience the best MMJ flowers, edibles, and concentrates in Maryland.

Fall River, MA

Our Fall River location is located in the beautiful historical building formally known as “The Uke” We’ve taken great pride in renovating, the interior and exterior look fantastic! This medical marijuana dispensary offers high-quality marijuana at reasonable prices to all patients of Massachusetts

Bay City, MI


Our Bay City location offers a wide variety of flower, concentrates and edibles served up by our knowledgeable staff. Experience high-quality cannabis at a reasonable price to the patients of Michigan.


Uxbridge, MA










Mansfield, CT


Our Connecticut location is honored to be the newest addition of the Mansfield community! At Nature’s Medicines we pride ourselves on knowledge, providing medical marijuana within a safe, transparent environment.


At Nature’s Medicines, we’re dedicated to offering medical marijuana patients high-quality strains, served up with complete transparency. At our dispensaries, you’ll find a huge selection of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid flowers and concentrates. When you buy medical marijuana products from Nature’s Medicine dispensaries, you’ll know – with 100% certainty – that you’ve received the exact strain you requested, in the exact amount weighed.


You’ll also receive great service at all of our dispensaries – from our knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you might have and make recommendations for the best MMJ products for you.


Flowers, concentrates, edibles, oils and creams – we carry it all!


We have medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan with more to come!

Natures Medicines


Our Cultivation

At Nature’s Medicines, we strive to provide the highest quality flower, and we’re proud to dispense medical marijuana exclusively from our proprietary cultivation.


Our team of experienced marijuana growers use a direct feed drain to waste system that is environmentally friendly and leaves the marijuana with a great taste and smell. Our growing environment has been finely-tuned to bring out the highest THC and CBD possible. We use 100% organic pesticides and fungicides, so you can rest assured that your meds are always pure.


We truly care about the marijuana being the best and purest it can be. Our marijuana growers love what they do, and we hope you love the high-quality cannabis that they create each day!