Phoenix Dispensary

Nature’s Medicines is a high quality/low price, Non-Profit Phoenix Dispensary located in Central Phoenix, right off the I-17 at McDowell, at 25th Ave and West McDowell Road, and in Fountain Hills, AZ.

We’ve learned dispensary patients want their dispensaries to serve them with a large selection of high quality cannabis products at a variety of price points, including high value low price selections, served to them in a safe and comfortable environment, by knowledgeable staff. Nature’s Medicines offers over 40+ strains everyday prices at $6.00 to $12.00 per gram. Our Products such as Nature’s Vapes and Nature’s Concentrates have won 14 awards these past two years. Everything Nature’s Medicines grows and manufactures is tested for potency (Cannabinoids and Terpenes) BEFORE it hits the shelves. Independent lab test scores posted in store, and on-line, reflect the products you see in Nature’s Medicines that day

Nature’s Medicines is motivated to excellence because we believe Phoenix Dispensary patients deserve professionally grown, manufactured, and retailed cannabis products. This kind of quality and professionalism comes from legalization, which is twenty years overdue.

We try our best to carry everything anyone could want to find in a dispensary, which is why you see Nature’s carrying every kind of flower strain, concentrate, and edible. We carry a wide variety of Rosins, Live Resins, and waxes. You’ll see several varieties of crumbles, sugar wax, and a huge selection of high quality shatters. We offer both pre-packaged and deli-style service, where you select the strain from a large jar and watch the Patient Service Provider weigh out your flower right in front of you, because many patients like the transparent process.  It builds trust in an industry that formerly had a poor reputation for being untrustworthy.

Over the past four years Nature’s Medicines has amassed more reviews than any other dispensary in America. Our patients write reviews so we know what they appreciate most, and how we can improve.  Patients tell us they love our huge selection of flower. Phoenix patients love to have many choices and be waited upon by patient service staff that is willing to take the time to show them whatever they are interested in exploring in Nature’s Medicines, because there is a lot to explore in our wide selections. Our average score 1-5 has been a 4.8, based on nearly 5,000 reviews to date, so while we’re not perfect, Nature’s Medicines has served more patients than any other Arizona dispensary, while maintaining the highest possible quality.  Nature’s Medicines staff and management is proud of that track record, and we’re always searching for ways to improve our products and service quality.

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Phoenix Marijuana Dispensary


Phoenix Dispensary

Our Phoenix Medical Marijuana Dispensary is located at 2439 W McDowell Rd, in Phoenix, Arizona. We have the largest flower, edible, and concentrate selection in Arizona. Check out our Menu and Pre-order online.

Open Every Day from 8am-10pm. Phone: (480) 420-3145

Fountain Hills Dispensary

Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills DISPENSARY

Our Fountain Hills location is our newest dispensary. Located conveniently next to Scottsdale, Arizona at 16913 E Enterprise Dr, Fountain Hills, Arizona. Our dispensary has a large selection of some of the best flowers, edibles, and concentrates in Arizona. Check out our Menu and Pre-order online.

Open Every Day from 9am-7pm. Phone: (480) 420-3135