Nature’s CBD S-Oil Review


Nature’s CBD S-Oil Review

10.5% THC, 75.0% CBD, 87.0% Total Cannabinoids. Hybrid/50. Each batch is a hand-picked combination of Natures Shatter. Some medical uses include, chronic pain, inflammation, IBS, ulcers, many cancers, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and more. CBD S-Oil Is a Nature’s Medicines exclusive, concentrated version of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). Our CBD S-Oil is made using hand-picked shatters that are combined, then decarboxylated (activated) allowing the oil to be ingested rather than smoked or vaporized. It is recommended S-Oil be consumed within food or a hot beverage (Infuse). Some suggestions: infused breads, meals, tea/coffee, or simply on a pretzel or between pieces of chocolate. It should not be smoked or placed directly under the tongue. Doses may vary depending on many factors. We have found that most patients begin with a “long grain rice” size up to 1/10 of a gram as an effective, initial dose. Doses may need to be increased as tolerance increases. Regiment length varies with each Patient. Please ask your Patient Service Provider for Our S-Oil educational information.

This concentrated edible is sticky and thick. It is hard to get the medicine out from the syringe though. The oil has a very heavy intense flavor that makes it hard to chew up unless you pair it with something that will mask the flavor. This product is a little dark in color but that is no reason to be alarmed. I use peanut butter cookies or flavored pretzels to get the medicine down. The dose I used for myself is three grains of rice, with the pain I was having that day. Normally I would only use about a grain of rice. With my body, it took at least thirty to forty minutes before I started to feel the effects. I notice when I feel the head change because my eyes start to get heavy with a warm body rush all over. My muscles relax with the tension rolling off my shoulders, stress releasing from multiple ends of my nerves. Thus, letting me fully enjoy being pain free for a moment. I could not feel any of my pain. My muscles were mellow. The oil was not too euphoric more like a muscle relaxer I would compare it too. This medicated feeling lasted hours. Like I said before, not so euphoric but all my pain was gone, so it’s not psychoactive. CBD is really good for the body or nerves. It does have small amount of THC. I cannot really feel nor notice the THC but I do feel its complements the CBD. This helps me relax before sleep too. If I medicate hours beforehand I can guarantee that I would have slept like a baby. No tossing, turning, or leg cramps. I love I can get this relief because my legs have been getting worse. Sometimes I wake up with leg cramps so bad I can barely move. Having an edible like this helps. I feel like when medicating with this consistently in small doses the pain is manageable. It does cost a lot more than THC S-oil but totally worth it in my eyes. Get yourself some CBD S-Oil at Nature’s Medicine.


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