Marijuana Cultivation

Nature’s AZ Medicines strives for the highest quality flower among Arizona Medical Marijuana dispensaries and is proud to dispense Marijuana exclusively from its own proprietary cultivation.

Our Master Grower, Adam Silvestri, has spent over a decade growing cannabis. Starting his cannabis life in Lake Tahoe, Adam went on to learn from the best California cannabis growers in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Humboldt County. After many years of practice and perfection, Adam turned into the teacher, teaching thousands of growers in large seminars for a cannabis university program, where he had the chance to build and experiment in hundreds of cultivations. Finally owning and operating hydroponic stores brought his level of expertise to a master quality. Now he is bringing his art and passion for growing to the patients of Arizona.

Adam and his team of experienced growers use a direct feed drain to waste system to be environmentally friendly and it leaves the medicine with a great taste and smell. Our environment is finely tuned to bring out the highest THC and CDB possible. We use 100% organic pesticides and fungicides. Nature’s Medicines takes great pride to know for sure that our meds are always pure.

Over time Nature’s Medicines has dialed in its genetics. Starting from seeds was a challenge, however over time we have developed the best strains in Arizona including Gorilla Glue #4, AMF OG, Tahoe OG, Strawberry Cough, Bubble Gum, Snow Cap, Sensi Star, The R.E.M, and Tangie, just to name some of our favorites. Coming soon is the Jigga Cookies, Bruce Banner, Cactus OG, Cookies and Cream, Critical Kush, Diamond OG, Grape ape OG, Green Apple OG, Illuminati OG, Mango OG, Mendo Pineapple Express, Pairs OG, Purple Alien OG, Purple T-Rex, SFV OG, Snowman, Sour Sherbet, Yeti OG. We are all very excited to see these strains bloom for our patients to enjoy.

We Love our plants and love the people that use our cannabis, and it shows. We truly care about the medicine being the best and purest it can be, holding high standards of cleanness. Nature’s AZ Medicines growers love what they do, and we hope you love the cannabis they create!