Dabbing 101


Dabbing 101

Dabbing is the most efficient way to medicate with cannabis concentrates today. Dabbing refers to the inhalation of vapor produced from concentrates commonly known as oil, wax, budder, shatter, sugar wax, or crumble. These concentrates require an oil rig, which is a water-pipe made specifically for cannabis concentrates or electric atomizers. These oil rigs have a nail, often made of glass, quartz, or titanium, which are heated by a torch. Once the nail has acquired desirable heat, the individual “dabs” the concentrate onto the hot nail and inhales the vapor through the oil rig.


Cannabis concentrates are produced in a variety of methods: butane, isopropyl alcohol, and carbon dioxide (CO2) are the most common. The concentrates are made by blasting a solvent through the plant material and purging out the chemicals afterward. With slight alterations in the extraction process, the end product will vary in consistency and color.


Oils are unstable, runny, and resemble the consistency of molasses. Waxes are often stable but will “crumble” when agitated. The consistency of wax can be dry or wet. Drier wax is commonly found in the shape of a honeycomb or cookie. Moist wax often looks like wet sugar. Budders are like paste in a sense that it wont crumble into tiny pieces when stressed with a tool. Shatters are the most stable of all cannabis concentrates. When penetrated with a metal tool, shatter can flake off in tiny shards or “shatter” if the concentrate is cold. If shatter is warmed, which is achievable by squeezing it gently in a person’s hand, it becomes malleable. This will become necessary when a person is attempting to dab outdoors in cold weather. Without warming the shatter, an individual will lose a portion of the shatter when it is stabbed with a dab tool. A dab tool, or dab wand, can be made of metal or glass and is recommended to handle concentrates due to their adhesive nature.


The cost of a gram of concentrate will be higher than that of a gram of bud. Patients can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $70 a gram for cannabis concentrate. There are several factors that will determine the price of a concentrate. Those factors include what type of plant material is used (stem, leaf, bud), how old the material was, the extraction equipment, the purging process, and the individuals and businesses involved in the process. THC levels in cannabis concentrates average from 70%-90%.


The effects of a single dab will vary from person to person. For one individual, one dab can feel like smoking two bowls at once. For another individual, a single dab can feel like smoking ten joints at once. Regardless of tolerance levels, the effects from a dab will be felt immediately. It is recommended an individual sits while taking a dab. Concentrates, like bud, provide indica, sativa, and hybrid effects. Dabbing is a healthier alternative to smoking because an individual avoids the butane from a lighter and the smoke from the leaf material. When an individual dabs, they simply inhale the vapor from the trichomes.


Nature’s AZ Medicines is a Phoenix dispensary near me where I acquire my top shelf concentrates. My favorite concentrates that I often purchase there are Gorilla Glue #4, Tahoe OG, and Girl Scout Cookies. All of these concentrates have a sweet, earthy, pungent, pine, and citrus flavors that I love. All of these concentrate are good for pain management. If an individual likes the top shelf options listed above, that person may also like the high CBD Arianna concentrates. Nature’s AZ Medicines’ Arianna strain is Arizona’s version of Colorado’s Charlotte’s Web high CBD strain.


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