Phoenix Dispensary

Nature’s AZ Medicines is a Licensed Non-Profit Phoenix Dispensary featuring over 40+ strains grown exclusively for Nature’s Medicines, plus 50+ concentrates, 80+ infused edibles, and a huge selection of MMJ accessories.

All Flower is priced at $8.00 & $10.00 per gram, with a select few strains reserved at $12.00 per gram. Our Shatters, Crumble, and Sugar Waxes are sold for just $20.00 per ½ gram/$40.00 per gram, with our Premium/Gold Shatters at just $25.00 per ½ gram/$50 per gram. We carry a wide variety and brands of vape oil including our own “Nature’s Vapes” which sells for just $38.00 for 300 mg of extremely pure BHO extracted vape oil (<10% residual solvents). Tested at 50% THC, this potent and pure vape oil has quickly become a Valley favorite.

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Phoenix Dispensary


Phoenix Dispensary

Our Phoenix Medical Marijuana Dispensary is located at 2439 W McDowell Rd, in Phoenix, Arizona. We have the largest flower, edible, and concentrate selection in Arizona. We cater to our patients and we now offer pre-orders and delivery to your prefered location. Contact us today to and our staff with help you with your medical marijuana needs.

Open Every Day from 8am-10pm. Phone: (480) 420-3145

Fountain Hills Dispensary

Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills DISPENSARY

Our Fountain Hills location is our newest dispensary. Located conveniently next to Scottsdale, Arizona at 16913 E Enterprise Dr, Fountain Hills, Arizona. Our dispensary has a large selection of some of the best flowers, edibles, and concentrates in Arizona. We have medical marijuana delivery and pre-ordering available at this location

Open Every Day from 9am-7pm. Phone: (480) 420-3135